Frequently Asked Questions


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How to Install The APP IDEAL AIR PRO correctly?

Have your WiFi network name and password on hand, follow the instructions as given in the App. Carefully read and follow step by step slowly. Especially wait for the Wifi symbol to appear on your Phones screen (This takes up to 1 minute). when connecting to the Air Purifier the first time. 

Problem with the APP - I am stuck somewhere in the App connecting process, what to do?

Stop the APP (really stop the APP, not just close it). Then reset the Wifi Function of your Air Purifier.
Then retry the whole process nice and slow.

  • The devices can only be used on 2,4Ghz networks.
  • Is a firewall in place, port unblockings have to be configured to allow communication with the devices.
  • „Client isolation“ has to be deactivated on the router.
  • To use the APP, location services have to be activated.
  • Please make sure the devices are within WiFi coverage.
  • Some WiFi-Clients – specifically iOS devices – might have connection problems, if WiFi-Password or SSID Names contain spaces or special characters. It might help to change names and/or passwords from „xxxxx 2,4 Ghz“ f.ex. to „xxxxx24Ghz“.