Responsibility for the future

Sustainability – from development to recycling.


Sustainability has always been an integral part of our corporate philosophy. The responsible use of resources and an environmentally friendly production have always been part of our corporate goals and it is our vision to "take responsibility for people and the environment". Because it is important to us. That is why we strive to act as sustainably as possible at Krug + Priester – from development right through to recycling," emphasises Managing Director Dr Ralf Krohn.



Our company is all about developing, producing and selling shredders, cutting machines and air purifiers. That is why we not only develop our high-quality products in Germany, we also produce them exclusively at our headquarters in the Swabian town of Balingen. And we have been doing so for 70 years.

Our main goals also include being innovative, improving existing designs, demonstrating our expertise and offering the corresponding high-quality products. The longer a product is used, the more sustainable it becomes. That is why products from IDEAL do not have a built-in "expiry date".

Our production is characterised by a particularly high level of vertical integration with state-of-the-art technology. As part of this, it is important to us to ensure a responsible use of resources to guarantee an environmentally friendly production. This is connected to our claim of protecting the environment by preventing any environmental impact from occurring in the first place as best we can. That is why we follow the basic principle of preventing, separating and recycling waste.

We also work towards reducing our own energy consumption and optimising our production in this regard every day. In order to achieve this level of efficiency, it is important to be aware of your own energy demands and to make these as transparent as possible: Where and how is energy used? Could we save even more? That is how we can utilise previously unused or completely new potential.


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