High-tech grinding machines for K+P individual manufacturing

High-tech grinding machines for K+P individual manufacturing


A Jacobsen grinding machine has been working hard for us for over 40 years. Since spare parts and customer service are no longer available for this machine – after all, it's getting on a bit – the time came for a new generation of grinding machines. A highly modern precision surface and profile grinding machine from Geibel + Hotz, one of the leading grinding machine manufacturers, was added to our individual manufacturing facility.



Investing in improved precision, safety and productivity

We primarily use this state-of-the-art grinding machine to manufacture new punching tools and keep our existing tools in peak condition. The benefits that this replacement investment provides us with are almost too many to name. For instance, these precision surface and profile grinding machines feature an automatic dressing unit. Compared to our previous machine, which had a manual dressing unit, this represents a significant improvement in precision, a reduction in the number of required operating staff and a means of machining our tools more efficiently.

This new machine also goes hand-in-hand with improved occupational safety and convenient operation. It is extremely simple to operate and designed to be easily understood. This is particularly important to us because a number of people work on this grinding machine in our individual manufacturing facility. And, last but not least, the fully enclosed housing and integrated extraction system ensure that the air quality in this department is significantly better.

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