Focus on data protection

Focus on data protection


Recently we were delighted to welcome 24 data protection officers from districts across Baden-Württemberg to our company. This visit was dedicated to the subject of data protection and document shredders.



Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force, the importance of ensuring data is protected when destroying paper documents containing personal data in companies, authorities and administrations has increased drastically. This is because it has been demonstrated that the majority of confidential data is still on paper. This is a challenge that the visitors present have to face every single day in their role as data protection officers for the individual administrative district offices and the associated areas.

After being welcomed by our managing director and sales director, the first item on the agenda was an in-depth factory tour. This gave our guests the opportunity to get to grips with everything they need to know about procedures and production processes. The tour obviously focused on the development process behind our "Made in Germany" premium document shredders: From the production of the cutting rollers to final assembly, the visitors were able to observe all production steps. Our experts then gave a clear, practical overview of the GDPR. The links between the stricter data protection regulations and the importance of a tailored internal document shredder solution were also explained and generated great interest.

In the showroom, the visitors were also able to test out document shredder models for themselves and learn about the differences between the different versions. Models with security levels P-4 and P-5, which ensure GDPR-compliant destruction of documents, attracted particular interest. The guests also had the opportunity to ask any questions they had about document shredders or data protection. The event was really beneficial for both sides.  

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