The new, compact high-performance air purifiers

Professional air purification for everybody. 


The compact high-performance models IDEAL AP30 Pro and AP40 Pro combine straight-forward design with highly efficient air cleaning. Both models operate very quietly and consume only very little energy. 



Compact and efficient

High-performance air purifiers
IDEAL AP30 / AP40 Pro


The new 360° Smart Filter System, with a long-lasting HEPA filter and extra-high share of activated carbon, guarantees high air throughput and optimum filtration. Both models reliably eliminate pollutants and impurities like particles and particulate matter, pollen and allergens, viruses and bacteria, odours and cigarette smoke, chemicals and exhaust fumes, as well as ozone and nitrogen dioxide. The AP 30 and the AP 40 are “Made in Balingen” and designed for room sizes of 20–40 sqm (IDEAL AP30 Pro) respectively 30–50 sqm (IDEAL AP40 Pro).

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