Help combating pollen! Air purifiers – a blessing for allergy sufferers!

Help combating pollen!


Pollen and farina are the most common causes of allergies. From spring to late summer, allergy sufferers struggle with health problems. IDEAL air purifiers remove almost 100% of the smallest particles such as allergens and pollen from the air. For clean air and a better quality of life.



Around 30 million sufferers in Germany know that when their nose starts to run, their eyes start to itch and their mucous membranes start to swell, the pollen season has begun. Hazel and alder pollen are the forerunners, but the allergy season is soon under way with various trees and grasses causing problems. For extremely sensitive sufferers, this can cause serious immune responses, shortness of breath or even allergic asthma. In many cases, the symptoms are so bad that they impair the quality of life of the sufferer.


IDEAL air purifiers.
A blessing for allergy sufferers.


IDEAL has the right solution to all of these problems with a comprehensive range of air purifiers for all requirements. IDEAL air purifiers clean the air and help relieve allergy symptoms, making life considerably easier for allergy sufferers. Thanks to innovative, multi-stage filter technologies, almost 100% of air pollutants and impurities such as pollen, particulate matter, house dust and other airborne allergens, pathogens such as bacteria and mould spores, cigarette smoke, exhaust gases, chemical vapours and smells are extracted from the air.


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