Are you familiar with "thick air" during a meeting?

"Thick air" during a meeting?


We've all been there: At the end of a meeting the air feels thick, your head is pounding and you feel low on energy. IDEAL air purifiers create a fresh atmosphere that keeps this dreaded tiredness at bay.



When you can "cut through the air"


It sometimes feels like the air is in short supply in conference rooms or you can cut through the air during meetings. This is often falsely attributed to the lack of oxygen in the air. The level of oxygen does drop slightly during a meeting, although this has very little effect and is not the cause of discomfort. The opposite is true of carbon dioxide (CO2), however, which is exhaled by everyone in the room and the levels of which increase with every movement. The concentration of so-called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is decisive when it comes to comfort in the conference room. As well as the vapours produced by perspiration and breathing and the vapours from furniture, wallpaper and carpets, these compounds also include metabolic products such as acetic acid or the scents in perfumes. The concentration of carbon dioxide and VOCs increases significantly during the course of a meeting and, in certain combinations, is presumed to cause headaches, fatigue and poor concentration and therefore to be responsible for the tiredness experienced during meetings.



Air purifiers. Breathe freely and think clearly.


IDEAL air purifiers use highly effective and multi-level filter technologies to efficiently remove the harmful substances and allergens described above and many more from the air. These include pollen and other allergens, particulate matter, viruses, bacteria, mould spores, animal hair, cigarette smoke and even chemical vapours and smells. In addition to optimum air purification, the purifiers also guarantee a very good air throughput. When placed in a room of the correct size, all of the air in a conference room is recirculated four to five times an hour. IDEAL offers a wide range of high-performance units that fit seamlessly into any environment thanks to their discreet, high-quality design. With an energy-saving and silent-running design as well as intuitive, easy operation, they can be used in meetings without causing any disturbance. Air purifiers are essential for any conference room, as they create a clean environment in which people are comfortable, find it much easier to concentrate and work much more productively.



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