Schools of the Diocese of Augsburg ensure in-person teaching

Schools in the diocese of Augsburg are ensured in-person teaching

In the media, there has been ongoing and intensive discussion about equipping schools and childcare facilities with air purifiers. The health of pupils, teaching staff and employees during the pandemic is a particular concern for the Schulwerk der Diözese Augsburg, the diocese of Augsburg's school foundation. A respectable 1200 IDEAL AP80 PRO air purifiers have therefore been purchased. The director of the diocese of Augsburg's school foundation, Mr Peter Kosak, reports on the background and experiences.



The diocese of Augsburg's school foundation, Schulwerk der Diözese Augsburg, is a foundation under public law.It was established in 1975 by the diocese of Augsburg to support and safeguard the important pedagogical work of ecclesiastical schools. According to its constitution, the "objective and purpose of this ecclesiastical foundationis to support preschool, school and school-like institutions with a Catholic character, primarily within the diocese of Augsburg". Since its beginnings, the Schulwerk foundation has taken on direct operation of 40 schools and founded five new schools.

Peter Kosak, director of the diocese of Augsburg's school foundation: "The IDEAL AP80 PRO air purifiers are used in all the schools in our foundation – and have been since mid-September 2021. This means they are used in the general education sector in four primary schools, a middle school, 21 high schools, 10 grammar schools and one technical secondary school; in the vocational education sector, the air purifiers are used in five vocational schools for social pedagogy, a vocational school for nutrition and care, and a vocational college for primary school childcare. The IDEAL air purifiers have been installed in all of the classrooms there, as well as in the staff rooms."


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