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Air - Reader Air - Reader
Healthy air to breathe is a major factor in our health. (Paper size A6).
Air purifier & humidifier 2-in-1 leaflet Air purifier & humidifier 2-in-1 leaflet
2-in-1 combination device (Paper size A4).
Air purifiers overview Air purifiers overview
Overview of the entire IDEAL air purifiers portfolio. (Paper size A4).
AP PRO Air purifiers brochure AP PRO Air purifiers brochure
High-performance air purifiers from IDEAL. Made in Germany. (Paper size A4).
Cutting machines overview Cutting machines overview
Overview of our cutting machines portfolio. (Paper size A4).
Data protection folder Data protection folder
Overview of the regulations of the new standard ISO / IEC 21964 (DIN 66399). (Paper size A6).
Data protection primer Data protection primer
Guideline for paper documents containing confidential and personalised data. (Paper size A6).
Document shredders overview Document shredders overview
Overview of the entire IDEAL shredders portfolio. (Paper size A4).
Factsheet allergy Factsheet allergy
Air purifiers remove allergens from the ambient air and alleviate the symptoms of allergy sufferers. (Paper size A4).
Factsheet cold season Factsheet cold season
For hygienically cleaned and ideally humidified office air during wet and cold months. (Paper size A4).
Factsheet hotel Factsheet hotel
Clean and healthy air. For a comfortable atmosphere everywhere in your hotel. (Paper size A4).
Factsheet hygienic air Factsheet hygienic air
Air purifiers protect staff and patients against pathogens and chemicals. (Paper size A4).
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