Current situation within Krug + Priester

Coronavirus pandemic:
current situation
within Krug + Priester


Against the background of the coronavirus pandemic we would like to inform you on the current situation within Krug + Priester.


The good news is that we are all fine and healthy. Thanks to our preparation work and business continuity plans we are in the position to maintain our operation in production and administration and as such we are able to support our customers and partners through the current pandemic. We have imposed certain measures already. This includes that some of our colleagues are working remotely while at factory level we are working in two teams to ensure business continuity in the event of a virus case. In addition to this we are taking measures to ensure that the colleagues are provided with a safe environment by applying strict health and safety protocols and therefore reduce the risk of exposure for all parties.

As far as our production is concerned we are currently looking at a production lead time of around 5 – 6 weeks for our paper shredders (high-security shredder around 8 weeks) and paper cutting machines. When it comes to our PRO air purifiers we are operating with a production lead time at around 4 weeks at this stage.

We will continue doing our utmost to provide you with our best possible support as usual, but please keep in mind that the situation and circumstances are very dynamic. In case of any major changes we will inform you accordingly.

Thank you for all your support and cooperation during this difficult time. Please stay healthy and we hope that we all will overcome this situation soon.

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