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There's something in the air!

You can't always see it or smell it, but indoor air is full of fine particles and pollutants. Pollen, house dust, tobacco smoke and cooking fumes all adversely affect air quality in a visible way – but what about viruses, bacteria or mould spores? They spread, unnoticed, between rooms, just like gases, fine particulates, odours, particles from furniture, carpets and electronics too. Each of these can pollute the air significantly. Of course, we ourselves also have a significantly negative impact on the air quality. We use oxygen and release carbon dioxide, water vapour, excess heat and body odours into the environment.


Poor air is a real burden that you can make you sick

Regularly sitting inside in poor quality air has many serious and lasting effects on our body and our health. Especially when you consider that every person takes a breath around 14 times per minute and 20,000 times a day. Our lungs really have a lot to endure, and have to work hard to filter out the harmful particles and impurities from the air. It's easy to see that this can lead to serious and long-term problems.

While well-meaning, airing often only adds – depending on where you are – new pollutants, allergens and particles into the room, and sometimes makes the air quality even worse. Did you know that you breathe in and out at least 10,000 Litres of air every day? Pollutants are making their way into our bodies with every breath. However, our lungs are not filters for polluted ambient air. The things we cannot fend off make us weak, lose concentration or even get sick.

It has been proven that dust particles can make their way into our airways and lungs via the nose. In the worst cases, the smallest particles can even reach the blood vessels and the brain. They are then transported to our organs through our blood stream. The consequences can include headaches, fatigue, poor concentration and respiratory disorders. This can also lead to chronic suffering (such as bronchitis or COPD), and acute illnesses (such as pneumonia and lung cancer). The risk of heart attacks and strokes is increased too.


IDEAL air purifiers – breathe freely and think clearly

IDEAL air purifiers can remedy all this and are therefore an essential piece of equipment in modern offices and private spaces. Thanks to the IDEAL devices, the air quality is noticeably improved, creating an environment that is free from pollutants, where people naturally feel better, are more productive and focused on their work, and are ill less often too. The IDEAL air purifiers have also been certified as an allergy-friendly product by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation and stamped with the ECARF Seal.