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Electronic stapler - The electronic stapler is not stapling properly.

Be careful not to remove the paper until you have finished stapling. Pulling out the paper too early can cause the staples to jam and cause malfunctions.

Paper punch - Paper is not being punched properly

Paper is not being punched properly. Make sure that the punching pads always wear evenly. The punching insert should always hit a surface of the punching pad that has not yet been damaged. You can achieve this by turning the punching pad further if necessary. Always punch with both punching inserts at the same time. Always remove staples and avoid punching holes which already exist. This allows transverse forces to act on the punching insert, which then leads to breaking. Change the punching pads (order no. 9000652) regularly, as worn punching pads can damage the punching inserts. If you change the punching inserts (order no. 9000651), always change the punching pads as well