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  2. Reinforcements for IDEAL´s Shredcat range

Reinforcements for IDEAL´s Shredcat range

The existing line up of Shredcat shredder models is extended by two new machines. For the small and home office the user-friendly desk-side model, Shredcat 8260 CC by IDEAL, with an insertion width of 220 mm ensures data protection. In addition, the compact auto-feed model Shredcat 8280 CC by IDEAL, with an automatic-feeding function for up to 150 sheets of paper, and a further cutting mechanism for CDs and DVDs, is an entirely new development in the office. Equipped with powerful cutting mechanisms, the new Shredcat Shredders are available in 4 x 40 mm Cross Cut (Shredcat 8260) or in 4 x 10 mm Cross Cut (Shredcat 8280 CC). Although these machines ideally complete our shredder range at the smaller end, they do not come out of our factory. However, we can confidently say that they fulfil the high quality standards of IDEAL expected by the retailers and by the end-users