IDEAL Health - New products 2016

Pure Air. Pure Life.

Ideally cleaned indoor air has a multitude of positive effects to our health and well-being. Therefore our IDEAL Health range was enlarged by very attractive new products:


Air Cleaner IDEAL AW60

The air cleaner IDEAL AW60 with multi-level filter technology combines air purification with ideal humidification. The combination of water as natural filter, the HEPA combination filter and the connectible PlasmaWave technology cleans the air from contaminants. The integrated automatic function constantly keeps air humidity within the ideal range. This model is ideal for rooms up to 60 m².




Professionally and hygienically cleaned indoor air is ensured, above all by two professional air purifiers, which even comply with the highest demands of medical applications.


Air Purifier IDEAL AP40

The anti-bacterially equipped professional air purifier IDEAL AP40 frees indoor air of all that harms you. The professional air purifier provides hygienically pure air in rooms of a size up to 40m² thus complying with the highest demands. The individually exchangeable, innovative carbon and HEPA filters with anti-bacterial equipment provide hygienic indoor air.



Air Purifier IDEAL AP100

The powerful air purifier IDEAL AP100 for large rooms. Its anti-bacterially equipped high performance filters produce an extraordinarily high cleaning performance with simultaneously high air throughput. And the innovative functions including programming functions can be applied intuitively and very easily. This air cleaner for large rooms provides perfectly filtered and hygienically pure air in rooms of a size up to 100 m2. Thanks to an internet connection, devices can be interconnected and all functions can also be comfortably used via smart-phone.