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Health is in the air

The air we breathe indoors has an under-appreciated influence on our well-being. Statistics reveal that we spend up to 90 percent of the day indoors – more time than ever before. Considering this, not a lot of effort is needed to grasp the influence that air quality can have on our well-being. Those who can work in naturally healthy air work better because they feel fine, can clearly perform better, and are sick less. But good air is often hard to find in the office

The new IDEAL Air Purifiers with ionic technology are the ideal solution for improving indoor air. Under “IDEAL Health" the product portfolio has been expanded by three quality Air Purifiers: IDEAL AP15, IDEAL AP30 and IDEAL AP45, which come in three performance sizes for spaces of around 15 m2, 30 m2 and 45 m2. All three models are equipped with the highly effective AEON Blue® cleaning system, which scrubs the room air more effectively than almost any other air purifiers – using high-efficiency, multi-level filters. This innovative and effective technology is a winner. A six-stage cleaning system, a filter combination and built-in plasma cleaning technology, cleanse the air of its pollutants.

IDEAL provides a specific remedy here and offers a whole new product range that draws on the ideas of nature. Fine dust, pollen and other allergens, viruses, bacteria, mould spores, pet dander, cigarette smoke and even chemical fumes and odours are filtered out from the air with great effectiveness. The devices are also ideal for allergy sufferers. Studies show that in areas with a high accumulation of negative air ions the oxygen content of the blood increases. And all this without creating any ozone. This simple and natural principle provides for a variety of positive and tangible effects.