Safe, powerful and incredibly durable

 From the desk-side shredder to the high volume unit, all our machines incorporate the highest standard of operating ease and functionality, performance and longevity. Our »BUSINESS SHREDDERS«, designed and manufactured in Balingen, are available in all DIN Security Levels (1-7). They have been protecting your data for more than 55 years with cutting shafts made from special hardened quality steel.

Our innovative SAFETY – PROTECTION – SYSTEM (SPS) sets the standard for operational safety and confidence. High quality wooden cabinets and components complete the IDEAL product package.

Our deskside shredders:
Because personal information
requires personal attention.

With data protection it is not the amount of paper waste that is important, but the contents. Even if there is only a small amount of confidential information involved – one single page can be interesting enough for unauthorised third parties. The IDEAL deskside shredders guarantee data protection exactly where confidential documents are created: right at your desk. We offer numerous models specifically for this purpose, which, depending on their capacity, are not only suitable for individual workplaces but also for small work groups. It goes without saying that here too all models are equipped with paperclip-proof cutting shafts made of special hardened steel and a particularly quiet and durable AC motor.

Our office shredders:
IDEAL for large work groups, open-plan
offices or an entire office floor.

Whenever high performance and a high shred bin volume are required, our office shredders are the first choice. They are suitable for centralised use, e.g. in the open-plan office next to the copying machine, and feature optimum ease of use. Thanks to the intelligent control unit EASY_SWITCH, all functions are virtually self-explanatory – a decisive advantage whenever a number of people work with the same machine. A further important feature for centralised use is the wide range of generous working widths (up to 405 mm), that meet the requirements of a great variety of users. And the generous shred bin volume, which, in this category lies between 75 l and 165 l, ensures that even when used non-stop, our office shredders can really take a lot.

Our High-Capacity Shredders:
IDEAL for the disposal of large quantities
of paper
from the entire company.

It does not matter how much paper needs to be shredded: You should always remain in control of your data and never surrender this responsibility to external disposal companies. IDEAL provides optimum solutions for in-house bulk shredding, too. Even the entry model in the high-capacity shredder range, the IDEAL 4605 CC, is ideally suited for an entire office floor. The practical feeding hopper also enables you to destroy entire paper bin contents, even if they contain crumpled paper. In addition to this, the models IDEAL 4107 and IDEAL 5009 feature a large feeding table and a conveyor belt, so that even huge quantities of paper can be shredded extremely quickly. Last but not least, the top model processes a remarkable volume of 600-700 sheets at a time, even destroying complete folders, together with their retaining mechanisms.