+ Offers and contractual documents
+ Bank statements and credit card vouchers
+ Invoices and receipts
+ Medical reports
+ Personalised advertising documents
+ Tax documents
+ Signed documents
+ Accounting documents
+ Ledgers / annual financial statements




What does a waste paper basket firewall look like?

If confidential documents fall into the hands of the wrong people this may not only result in economic damage or in serious damage to the reputation of your company, but you may also infringe data protection laws concerning the handling of third-party personal data and may have to face legal consequences. Clearly defined legal requirements



Waste disposal is not cheap.

Depending on how much paper waste you produce, you may even spend a small fortune. The paper-free office was a futuristic vision that has not come to fruition. On the contrary: although it is true that electronic media and data processing have simplified many work processes, more paper than ever is being produced.

firewall für Ihren papierkorb



of all important data are still printed out on paper. Every day people handle confidential and personal
data. Notes, drafts, computer printouts, bad copies, and many more often simply end up in the waste paper basket. This, however, carries the danger that this data could be disclosed to the public.



Therapeutic target:
Continuous obligation to secrecy!

In addition to your own surgery data, the documents created in a surgery above all contain information on patients: Personal information on medical history, treatment therapies, laboratory
results or examination reports. In the wrong hands this data can do great harm, and with the loss of the relationship of trust between patient and doctor, the essential basis of health care is lost.


Data protection is every doctor’s concern!

Thus, disused data carriers must not end up in an indiscreet waste paper basket in any surgery since this carries too many risks of undesired public disclosure, and no doctor can afford a data scandal.
Discreet handling of patient data is crucial for every surgery. Furthermore, medical secrecy also applies to every doctor and his/her team as a matter of course. A professional shredder –
stationed near the desk, in the reception area or centrally in the surgery – here ensures the required data security.





First duty of a jurist:
Discretion and privacy!

In addition to office internal data, large quantities of confidential papers and sensitive documents of clients pass the desks of jurists and their employees every day. Here, above all the protection of the
clients and their personal data is in the focus. But also after the end of a court date or mandate this discretion will still have to be ensured. Each client trusts in the destruction of its documents conforming to data protection.


Non-disclosure is the foundation of a contract

Only a complete data protection solution adapted to the individual necessity helps protect this private sphere of a law office and its clients. In addition to the central employment of shredders in
particularly sensitive places, this also requires the positioning of shredders in decentralised places - namely always on the suitable security level. This avoids long ways and ideal data security is
always guaranteed.

Protect your own purse!

Also in the financial industry, the protection of sensitive data is an important topic. You plan, for example, company takeovers, the introduction of an investor or other decisions regarding your financial strategy. But if your strategy papers end up in the trash instead of in the shredder, all could become publicly disclosed in advance. And suddenly another party competes for your acquisition bargain and the price increases. Or your investor backs out, since you are no longer trustworthy to him/her.



In most cases, the damage significantly exceeds the economic loss.

Balances, any kind of solvency documents, annual financial statements, budget figures and many more – the risk of undesired disclosure to the public lurks everywhere. Waste paper baskets, bin liners, and consolidated containers simply are rich sources of information. This needs not necessarily lead to a data scandal and legal consequences in every case - but in many cases at least friction, conflicts, a disturbed basis of trust, damages to your esteem and image or economic losses
could arise.





Danger lurks directly beside every desk!

The topic of data abuse in connection with hacker attacks, phishing and worm attacks in the internet are often addressed. However, the dangers in connection with the disposal of confidential documents on paper, CDs/DVDs, etc. via waste paper basket into the normal waste are broadly underestimated.


Suitable shredders for each workplace

The different needs of the individual business units require the use of individually suitable shredders. The human resources department will formulate requirements for a shredder that will widely differ from those of the IT department or the Board of Management Services. Another important measure is the sensitisation of employees regarding the data protection topic, the definition of clear instructions regarding the disposal of data carriers, and the demonstration of potential dangers in the case of non-compliance.








Sensible disposal of disused documents.

Never dispose of documents containing personal, confidential or secret data via your waste paper basket! Use a professional shredder instead.

Sensitise your employees for data protection.

GIssue clear instructions regarding the data carriers to be disposed of. Make clear the importance of handling confidential information discreetly.

Choose the correct shredder.

Always choose the devices “one size bigger” than required by the normal document quantity.
This way you can comfortably and securely work when load pitches occur.

Shredders should be part of every data protection concept.

Confidential data and documents should be destroyed directly at the workplace concerned.
This substantially increases security.

Data carriers should be sorted by security level.

If this is not possible, all the data carriers shall always be destroyed according to the higher security level. This is to minimize the risk of incorrect assignment leading to inadequate destruction of data carriers containing sensitive data.

Make it secure.

IDEAL document shredders are ideal for your internal data protection and security concept.







Better do the shredding in-house.

Disposal of data carriers by an external service provider seems to be appealing, since factors such as capital lockup, responsibility, and labour costs are allegedly outsourced. However, the use of your own shredders offers clear advantages:


Everything is under your control:

You do the shredding yourself and see the result. Upon collection by a service provider, your documents - as a rule - are stored temporarily before destruction. Here, absolute security is not guaranteed.


Incalculable risk:

The risks of big collecting points, long transport paths, poorly paid employees, and uncontrollable recycling halls do not exist in-house.


Liability remains with you:

Certificates of service providers stating the appropriate destruction do not release you from liability in the case of abuse e.g. during intermediate storage.


Clear cost structures:

High-quality shredders work over many years. In comparison with the regular service fees, the purchase price will have amortised after a short time.




Everything within the normal range?

According to the Federal Data Protection Act, the person entering a piece of information is held responsible for its protection during the entire life cycle of the data. Therefore it is advisable to
acquire shredders when data is regularly created. This is also recommended by DIN 66399.

For more informations about DIN 66399 please see:


With IDEAL shredders you are always on the safe side:

The IDEAL shredders, designed and manufactured in Balingen, are available in all DIN Security Levels (1-7).

Deskside Document Shredders:

Because personal information requires personal attention. Our deskside shredders: Ideal for individual workplaces and small work groups.

With data protection it is not the amount of paper waste that is important, but the contents. The IDEAL deskside shredders guarantee data protection exactly where confidential documents are created: right at your desk.

Office Document Shredders:

If it is important that your marketing plan is read by your marketing department – and only yours. Our office shredders: Ideal for large work groups, open-plan offices or an entire office floor.

Whenever high performance and a high shred bin volume are required, our office shredders are the first choice. They are suitable for centralised use.




High-capacity shredders:

What happens to data protection if confidential documents must first be transported to external disposal companies? It falls by the wayside!

It does not matter how much paper needs to be shredded: You should always remain in control of your data and never surrender this responsibility to external disposal companies. IDEAL provides optimum solutions for in-house bulk shredding, too.

Special Solutions:

How can you protect electronic data on discarded data carriers? High security shredding of CDs and punching hard drives to render stored data unaccessible.

IDEAL offers special solutions to protect your electronic data on outdated CDs/DVDs or discarded
hard drives.