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IDEAL awarded the “Blue Angel”

It is 35 years since the “Blue Angel” became the world´s first environmental label for products and services. Currently the main focus is on climate relevant products, but this label is also assigned to products that protect natural resources, water or health in their manufacturing and component materials. We are the first manufacturer of shredding machines to be awarded the “Blue Angel“ for the highly efficient use of energy of our range from the IDEAL 2245 up to the IDEAL 4005. It is the energy saving function, “Zero Energy Consumption”, of these shredders that ensures automatic and complete power cut-off after 30 minutes in stand-by mode. In addition, all of these IDEAL shredders come with environmental friendly shred bins made of solid synthetic material, dispensing with the need for one-use plastic bags. Efficient drive systems ensure high sheet capacity, and quietly running motors mean low operational sound levels. The superior quality of the all-steel cutting shafts, which are made of specially hardened steel, is endorsed by the Lifetime Warranty. We must also not forget that Krug & Priester sets a good example by being responsible in our handling of resources, and in our environmentally compatible production. Dangerous and harmful substances are absolutely taboo. In fact, all our products are manufactured to be environmentally compatible, and this is confirmed by the implementation of our Environment Management System according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2009.