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Facelift for large format rotary trimmers

For rational and precise cutting of large format drawings, plans, and digital printouts, the lengths of which exceed DIN, our long rotary trimmers are the ideal solution. In anticipation of the year 2017, we introduced a model update for the IDEAL 0135 (cutting length of 135 cm) and the IDEAL 0155 (cutting length of 155 cm). By doing so, all our large format rotary trimmers - starting from the IDEAL 0055, 0075, 0105 up to the IDEAL 0135 and IDEAL 0155 - now come in a uniform design. Each model is constructed with a high-quality cutting table made of anodized aluminum, has a safety cutting mechanism with a self-sharpening circular blade, and a blade-quality stainless steel counter-knife. In addition, secure clamping of the work is provided automatically by a transparent pressing bar. Sound engineering “Made in Germany" is guaranteed by the IDEAL label.