In a class of its own

Keep it simple. With best technology for pure air: The professional high-performance air purifier IDEAL AP 60 Pro brings pure air into your offices and rooms. Reliable. Effective. Powerful. And its unobtrusive high-quality design harmoniously integrates into your interior surroundings. The essential feature of efficient air cleaners is the perfect interaction of the components. Filter technology, fan and sensor system of the AP60 Pro have been designed for a very high throughput of air and maximum cleaning performance. Due to its highly efficient filter materials, the unique multi-layer combination filter developed specially for the AP60 Pro provides effective protection against all air pollutants. The five-layer highly efficient IDEAL HEPA Smart Filter guarantees effective in-depth filtration with optimal air permeability. The 360° filter cartridge removes harmful particles – layer by layer for outstanding cleaning performance. A “Made in Germany” product utilising the highest-quality materials and components produced by German world-class suppliers.